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Serial Number:-> openssl x509 -in CERTIFICATE_FILE -serial -noout ; Thumbprint:-> openssl x509 -in CERTIFICATE_FILE -fingerprint -noout ; Note: Please replace CERTIFICATE_FILE with the actual file name of the certificate. More information on OpenSSL's x509 command can be found here. Modify Certificate Subject using OpenSSL x509 Command openssl x509 -noout -serial -subject -in certificateExampleContoso.cer serial=C6E02EB9402CEABD subject=O = Contoso The key is to generate a new certificate signing request (CSR) with the new subject name. As the CSR itself is signed, you cannot "transform" … 10 Best SSL Checker Tool to Check for SSL Certificate and OpenSSL & SSLyze;; SSL Labs. The SSL Labs powered by Qualys, with the tool you can check your website for certificate and configuration and your browser for SSL installation. You can start the analysis by just entering the domain name or the Ip address of the target server, it runs an in-depth scan and provides you a detailed OpenSSL download |

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The Prediction of Serial Number in OpenSSL’s X.509 Certificate Since the time is the seed of generating serial number in OpenSSL, we can limit the seed in a narrow range and get a series of candidate serial numbers and use these candidate serial numbers to construct faked X.509 certificates through Stevens’s method. Although MD5 algorithm has been replaced by CAs, the kind of attack will be feasible if /docs/man1.1.0/man3/X509_get_serialNumber.html - OpenSSL

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How do I display the contents of a SSL certificate Jul 16, 2020 Unable to decode negative serial number · Issue #4320 The cause isn't just that the serial number is negative: OpenSSL will tolerate that as required by RFC5280 et al. The problem is that the ASN.1 Integer has an invalid encoding: there is illegal extra padding.