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"Remailing Letters For Profit - And Fun" from "Making Remailing Letters For Profit - And Fun. by Norris Chambers Many years ago, while trying to decide on something to try in mail order, I read the classified ads in Popular Mechanics and Popular Science, and noticed a long list of remail services. How to Create an Anonymous Email Account | PCMag Apr 24, 2019 Anonymous remailer | Free Speech Wiki | Fandom Template:Refimprove An anonymous remailer is a server computer which receives messages with embedded instructions on where to send them next, and which forwards them without revealing where they originally came from. There are Cypherpunk anonymous remailers, Mixmaster anonymous remailers, and nym servers, among others which differ in how they work, in the policies they adopt, and in the … Shop Mikasa Wildflower Garden Square Bone China 16 piece

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The first thing one must do before even considering using a remailer service, that is a service that remails your own letters & cards from their place, is to check out the web sites of such services.

Jun 03, 2011

Honest, Objective Reviews. is a leading authority on technology, delivering Labs-based, independent reviews of the latest products and services. The Penet remailer ( was a pseudonymous remailer operated by Johan "Julf" Helsingius of Finland from 1993 to 1996. Its initial creation stemmed from an argument in a Finnish newsgroup over whether people should be required to tie their real name to their online communications.