Nov 24, 2008 · Amazon are currently selling the Xbox 360 Wireless Bridge  for £33.97 which is the cheapest price I have seen it for. Great if you want to move your 360 around your house and don’t want any wires trawling around the room.   It’s easy to install and will pick up most wireless routers without any trouble at all.

Jan 24, 2008 · Video demo of Ethernet over power line alternative to using the Xbox 360 Wireless Network adapter. This eliminates the need to rewire your house with Ethernet cable while providing a more reliable Now, it all works and is set up FINE. I can access the internet when stuff is connected to the wireless bridge and it finds a connection just fine. Here is the issue. I have two things connected to the wireless bridge. a PC and a XBOX 360. If i just turn the XBOX 360 on, and leave the PC off, it works fine. There is no lag. Jan 14, 2009 · Wireless and LAN bridge will not work for xbox 360? I have a dell laptop (with windows xp sp2) with a built-in card that picks up wi-fi. Whenever I always have my Local Area connection and 1394 firewire inputs disabled, but whenever I enable one of those my wireless connection stops working. Nov 23, 2007 · xbox 360 vista bridge Im trying to connect my ethernet wired xbox 360 to my wirelessly connected laptop, so i can access the internet connection from my 360 to get on live. the problem i am

sys-con: Devbuild supports Xbox 360 Wireless Adapter with multiple controllers. 78 comments. share. save hide report. The adapters bridge the connection, and spit

You cant set up the wireless bridge features through the 360 interface it needs to be setup through the wireless bridges web access. That is connect the wireless bridge to PC set up wireless features of bridge save and then connect the wireless bridge to the 360 and you will connect to xbox live very simple. User #9790 30848 posts Nov 23, 2012 · Um, No we are asking you how to do something in windows 8. We need to know how to bridge a wireless internet connection to a Wired LAN connection in windows 8. This has nothing to do with the Xbox 360. I wanted to know how to bridge for a small LAN network in my house. A simple, no-networking-knowledge-required solution would be to drop $50 or so on the official Microsoft Xbox 360 wireless network adapter, which is basically plug and play. If you need (or want) something with superior performance or range, you could spend about half that on a good DD-WRT compatible router, put it in bridge mode, and use that Jul 06, 2007 · This shows how to setup a wireless bridge so you can connect to xbox live. How to network bridge xbox 360 to laptop for xbox live - Duration: 9:01. Ratchet Noblewolf 70,237 views.

Have an Xbox or Xbox 360 that you want to connect to the Internet and a notebook PC? With this gamer's guide, you'll learn how to connect an Xbox to Xbox Live via your laptop's wireless Internet connection — foregoing expensive wireless adapters. For complete instructions, watch this free video tutorial.

Oct 02, 2007 · If you have access to the Internet on your computer, then it is time to plug the connection into your Xbox 360. Move the DD-WRT router next to your Xbox 360, connect the Ethernet cable from the The Xbox 360 wireless adapter, on the other hand, just pops right into any of your 360's USB ports, and then you're good to go after typing in your router's SSID and password. The Xbox wireless adapter is a bit bulkier and less aesthetically pleasing, though most people don't care about the appearance of a product like this.