How to update Kaspersky offline - KIS/KAV [Video]

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It starts at startup when I attempt to login to my computer. It further runs very slowly when I attempt to do anything with the computer. Examples would be Safari, iPhoto, other programs that should not lock up or freeze. I believe it is directly related to my use of Kaspersky, and I have provided the following information from EtreCheck.

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Select the Kaspersky Lab products whose updates you need. In the Kaspersky Update Utility window, click Settings. In the Download section, specify the update folder and the temporary folder: Click Start and wait until the download is complete. After the updates have been downloaded, an Updates subfolder will be created in the folder you specified.

May 16, 2016 Why does Kaspersky update so slow? - Quora Kaspersky uses a reverse IP tracing mechanism to determine (guess, really) which update server should be best for you (I believe under the OSPF - Open Shortest Path First - routing assumption). OSPF is not by any means the only routing method out